The Passion school on location


In addition to Passion’s own inhouse Flower School, we are increasingly being asked to run courses at many of the fine hotel and businesses around Bath (and even further afield). This growing part of the business offers a fascinating addition to what we do and is something we look forward to building upon.

Our hotel clients appreciate the extent to which these sessions bring guests or members to the venue outside of or alongside their more typical usage of the space – many of whom are likely to then stay on to enjoy dinner, perhaps use the venue’s spa, or other of the hotel’s facilities.

The flower school on location will be able to offer a variety of classes, which can be tailored to a hotel, business or home environment. We can even focus on the ambiance of your own location by incorporating flowers and foliages from the grounds or nearby surroundings, which of course makes this is a unique opportunity for you, your friends or your clients to enjoy.

However, Passion’s courses are not just for its hotel clients. We’re more than happy to create similar packages for all types of corporate clients too, and businesses may well find that offering their employee’s access to truly absorbing and culturally fascinating opportunities provides an ideal enhancement to the company’s social programming.

Again, do just give us a call, or email us, if you would like to discuss how such arrangements might work for you.